Buying Real Estate in North Carolina 32 – My REMINDERS For Buyers – Part II: The Last “DO NOT”

Last time, we talked about the first three “DO NOT”’s for buyers during the course of buying their home.  This is the last one and it is equally important.

DO NOT Plan to Move in or have Any Work Done on the Day of Closing

  1. The house is NOT YOURS until the Deed is Recorded!
    1. Deeds are not usually recorded until close to the end of the business day…sometimes it is the next day…or more, if there are any issues.
  2. You just never know if Closing will be delayed.
    1. Either Party can normally delay Closing up to 14 days without consequences.
  3. This includes:
    1. Don’t plan to have your moving truck arrive & unpack the same day as Closing
    2. Don’t plan to have a locksmith come out & change the locks the day of Closing.
    3. Don’t plan to put “a few things” in the garage on the day of Closing.
    4. Don’t plan to have work done on the day of Closing… no paint, no repairs, no…anything!

If I have to mention it here, trust me, someone has done it…and not to a positive end.  We have heard of repairmen trapped outside with new parts, delivery men not able to bring in new appliances, trucking companies threatening to unload furniture and clothing on the front lawn and so on…

Why do you have to wait?

  • If a Seller lets you in before the house is officially yours, and something happens, it will be their insurance that will have to cover whatever damage is done to you or your stuff.
  • If either Realtor lets you in without the Seller’s permission, they can go to Realtor Jail.  And none of us looks good in jumpsuit orange!
  • If a Seller does not let you in, but rather, you let yourself or your workmen in, it is called “Breaking and Entering”…and you will go to jail.

Be happy when the Deed is recorded as planned and go & sit in your new, empty home & enjoy your success.

Then, you can make your plans, spend more money and move your stuff to your heart’s delight!

Next Time: My REMINDERS For Buyers – The Under Contract Reminder…


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