Buying Real Estate in North Carolina 16 – The Search: Showing Etiquette

I wanted to take a minute and touch on Showing Etiquette.

For every house we visit, we have to request a showing through our Centralized Showing Service. Our options are:

  • “Go”, meaning the service can give us the lock box code without checking in with the Seller,
  • “Courtesy”, meaning we can plan on going, but the service will still check in with the Seller first,
  • And “Appointment Only”, meaning, well, you know…we have to get permission from the Seller.

Unless you have driven by a house and it sings out to you and you just know this is the one…and you have to see it right now… it is much better to plan your visits to homes. More importantly, I like to try to give the Sellers at least one day’s notice. We can schedule as far as a week in advance.

Selling your home can be taxing, at best. It is hard to keep your home clean and in show condition and live in it at the same time. Sellers, like us, still have to go to work every day, take care of the kids and the pets, and go about their daily home life. We need to keep this in mind as we request our showings. Sometimes, we will be turned down. We will need to have a backup plan to go another day if you still want to visit a particular home.

When we are at the home, we need to remember that they are trying to keep their home clean for a visit at a moment’s notice. Many will ask us to remove our shoes or put provided booties over our shoes to keep their floors clean.

Finally…a word about Feedback: When your agent returns from showings, automated requests will be sent to them to ask for feedback for the Sellers. It is important to share with your Realtor constructive feedback, whether negative or positive, so that they can relay that information on to the Sellers. They will use this information to make improvements where they are able, and to improve the showing experience for the next potential buyers, even if you find that the home is not for you.

Next time: Initial Property Research


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