Buying Real Estate in North Carolina 15 – The Search: Visiting Homes or “Showings”

As your search begins to shake out homes that you think you would like to visit, it is extremely helpful for both you and me for you to mark your “favorites”, your “possible” homes, even the “rejects”. Further, you can make notes in your search that will help us both keep up with what you like and don’t like about certain homes.

In planning your showings, for the first time visiting homes, plan on about 30 minutes per home. Typically, I have found that visiting 4 to 6 homes at a time is usually plenty, although, occasionally, we will visit even 7 or 8. Much over that at any one time, and they will all start to run together into one big blur.

Let’s talk about bringing the kids along. The largest number of homes I have shown in one day with small children along was 11 homes. After we were done, I wanted to join the kids and roll around on the floor in a tantrum myself! If and when it is possible, it is better to leave the kids with family or friends in the early stages of your search. Narrow your decision down to between 2 or 3 homes, then you can plan to bring them along.

Sometimes, it can’t be helped and the children have to come with you. In those cases, if possible, definitely try to limit the number of homes you will be seeing at any one time. Visiting homes can be tiring to adults. It is even harder on the kids. Don’t feel bad putting off their visits until you have narrowed your selections down to a manageable number. Thankfully, most major purchase decisions are not made by toddlers!

What is the most number of homes I have ever visited in one day? SEVENTEEN!!! It was with dear friends and we made a day out of it, building in time to stop for a nice lunch before starting on the second half of our list. And still, at the end of the day, we all looked at each other and declared, “I love you people, but not that much!” Afterward, we kept our number of homes down to where we wouldn’t end up on the floor in a sobbing fit ourselves.

Next time: Showing Etiquette


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