Buying Real Estate in North Carolina 14 – The Search: Priority 3: Home & Lot Size

As you begin your search, answer these basic questions about the home you are looking for:

  1. How many bedrooms will you need?
  2. How many bathrooms will you need?
  3. Do you have a minimum square footage requirement for your home?
  4. Will you have any specific room requirements? (i.e. separate living & family rooms, etc.)
  5. What type of parking will you need?
  6. What size lot will you need?

Prioritize these needs. You will need to determine what are your “must have’s” as opposed to the “nice-to-have’s”.

Your Realtor will use all of this information to set up a search for you within the Triangle MLS. We can refine or expand your search, as needed. And now, we have new software that also allows you to set up and modify searches in addition to the original search we set up for you. Search results will come to you practically in real time. Both you and your Realtor will see homes as they are first listed on the market, any time there is a price change and any time a home goes under contract. This is particularly important as you begin to narrow your search.

As tailored as I can make a search for my buyers, I find that it is also helpful for them to have their own searches set up on one of the larger websites. Many of my clients have both the MLS search that I set up and another search, or even more than one search, set up on Fathom’s website. Are we duplicating our efforts? Most of the time, the answer is no. I may have set up a search with a minimum lot size of 0.20 acres. In their own searches, even though they gave me that minimum size, my buyers may have set their search up to see what homes look like on slightly smaller lots. When we start having homes show up on their search and not on mine, we usually have to compare notes to see where the discrepancy is. That way, I can revise my search to match theirs, and I may see even more homes than what they are seeing. You never know…that perfect home may be on 0.19 acres, and I just missed it. But you will see it. Every little bit helps.

Next time: You have your Price Range, You Location, and Basic Home Needs…Let’s get started!


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