Buying Real Estate in North Carolina 01 – An Overview

Welcome to the Category, “Buying Real Estate in North Carolina”!

These posts will hopefully help answer some of your questions about the process and remove some of the mystery for people who would like to learn more before heading into their transaction (to buy or sell residential real estate).

When I decided to go back to school to become a Realtor, I was shocked and overwhelmed by how difficult it was. Like most people, up to that point in time, I “watched HGTV” and literally gleaned from that experience that the sole job of a Realtor was to go shopping with people for houses. What fun! I like people. I like houses. This job would be perfect for me.

So I signed up for the school confident that this would be a breeze. Imagine my surprise upon realizing that I would have to learn about contracts and agency and responsibilities and protections. The contract alone used for buying or selling a home is now twelve pages long and overshadowed in CindyWorld only by tax forms.

I used to do my own taxes, attempting to read the forms, blacking out periodically, as I would read and re-read sentences that made absolutely no sense to me. And I would cry. And then I would eat copious quantities of Girl Scout Cookies to ease the pain.

Following the hours of review of several real estate contractual forms in class during the day, I would also come home and cry, lamenting that I may as well go to law school because, in CindyWorld, this was like studying for the BAR exam!

As you can tell, I survived the experience and even passed the state exam on the first try, which I have since learned does not happen that often. And ever since that experience, I vowed to myself to try to simplify this process as much as possible for my clients, so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming for them. I hope this topic will help you, as well. Always feel free to ask questions or offer comments, throughout. This will help me, too! Let’s get started.


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